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Comply with Malaysian employment laws

Our payroll and human resource team will assist you to comply with Malaysian employment laws and the latest regulations. We will help you fulfil your obligations as an employer who has your workers’ rights and benefits at heart.

Protect the privacy of salary information

From many years of experience helping SMEs, we understand the challenges of managing human resources. Salary figures are highly sensitive information, and our professional payroll team can assist you to calculate your staff salary and ensure the privacy of one of your most sensitive figures.

“They are always happy to help and understand our needs by investing time with us. Their responsive, flexible and customer friendly ethos match our needs.”
— Mr CH Siow - Finance Director
MAYA Group of Companies — Maya Asia Resources Sdn Bhd 201401030197 (1106283-T)
Nature of Business - Investment holding
“Their payroll team is professional and effectively handled my company’s payroll even though I only engaged their service for a short period of time.”
— Mr.Tan Suan Fhong – Director
Suki Electric Sdn. Bhd - 199401025383 (311063-K)
Nature of Business – Electrical contractor
"TJW staffs are friendly, patient and approachable. Their reliability, consistency and service have been great. The payroll team have been very patience and helpful. They prepare and submit all payroll documents on time which allowing me to concentrate on my business."
— Mr. Tay Wee Hock - Partner
DELICATE ENTERPRISE - 201303222480 (JM0665341-H)
Nature of Business – Retail sale of telecommunication equipment
"I am truly impressed by their comprehensive approach and clear guidelines given that offer us reassuring peace of mind, reducing our burden of payroll related matters. Their efficient and on-time payroll services have genuinely helped our business and employees.
— Mr. Wong Jun Kai - Director
Four Leaf Clover Cafe Sdn. Bhd. - 202301016008 (1509930-K)
Nature of Business - Food & Beverage

Payroll services packages

From start-up to premium packages, we offer a range of payroll services packages that you can choose to suit your budget.

Start-up package

As a new entrepreneur, the amount of to-dos can feel overwhelming. Liaising with government departments is extremely time-consuming and frustrating, so let our expert team help you get this right from the very beginning. Our Start-up package will help you register your company with the Labour office, KWSP, IRB, PERKESO and HRDCorp in a quick and efficient manner instead of you having to waste time and money dealing with the different authorities.

Business package

Are you new in the business? Our Business package is for you, if you’re not sure whether you have calculated your staff salary correctly or whether you have complied with Labour law, IRB, KWSP, PERKESO and HRDCorp regulations. In this package, besides helping you to register with the relevant authorities, we also assist you to calculate your first month employees’ salaries and complete the relevant submission, so you will have a template to build on.

Premium package

Our Premium package is for you if you want total peace of mind and have everything related to payroll taken care of. Every month, our support team will be there to serve you and ensure your staff payroll are in order and always filed on time. Moreover, our professional team will provide sound advice and ensure you’re always compliant with the latest employment laws and regulations.

Get a Quote

If you are interested in any of our payroll packages, please contact us to get a quote. Our helpful team will get back to you shortly with a recommendation.