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Our History

01In 1974

Our founder Mr. T. J. Wang and his wife opened a humble accounting practice "TJW" from their home. The business grew fast. Together they grew an enviable reputation in resolving disorganised accounts and helped struggling small businesses turn around.

02Since 1994

TJW moved to Foh Chong Building and then to Taman Sentosa where we’ve since been thriving for over 20 years. The company has seen and survived the transition from traditional methodologies to computerised systems.


Despite expanding from a one-man-show to over 70 employees - including Wang’s two daughters - TJW hasn’t changed at heart. Supporting SMEs and growing business is at the core of what we do.

What we do

We specialise in providing accounting, secretarial, auditing and tax services for sole proprietors, partnerships and private limited companies – just like you.

We aim to help business owners to reduce and relieve the burdens of accounting, auditing, and tax-related tasks. And we do so in a way that you’re never left out of the conversation. We’ll make sure you’re educated to make the right business decisions long after our job is done.

Our culture and values

We believe in helping SME business owners to manage their businesses smoothly and efficiently to ensure business growth while abiding to relevant laws and regulations. And as such, our core values are founded upon integrity, care, trustworthiness, quality, and continuous improvement.


We cultivate an attitude of responsibility and our team are accountable for their actions and outcomes.


We prioritise education and learning new skills as we know that ongoing learning achieves the best results for our team and clients alike.


We are continually looking for ways to improve. All our client cases are reviewed and supervised by senior staff to ensure quality-control across our business.


We invest in flexible systems that suit our clients and minimise time wastage while increasing cost savings.


From small to big gestures, we show appreciation and recognition of our internal team members and our external clients.


We hold a high-standard of professionalism and pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have with our clients.


We operate with integrity and honesty. That means we always deliver what we promise.


We foster work-life balance. While we expect great work from our teams, we support them to relax and rejuvenate outside of the office because we know this helps them, and us, achieve the best.


We know how important communication is. Our staff are not only polite, caring and helpful, they work hard to respond to queries very quickly. We provide efficient, clear answers and explanations.


We commit to giving 100%. We work hard to transform weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities.


We know we are strongest when we work together. Our staff collaborate among their teams and within the company’s overarching goals.


Our team is made up of trustworthy individuals who are consistent in their actions and create a safe environment to work and grow within.

Our leadership team

We are only as good as our leaders. It takes a strong, empathetic and passionate leadership team to not only survive as a business for over 40 years, but to help other businesses thrive too.

Ms Wang Ing Min

Chief Executive Officer
Audit Partner / Tax Agent

Ms Wang Sze Min

Chief Operations Officer

Mr Chai Min Yeaw

Chief Technical Officer
Tax Advisor

Ms Alice Choi Yi Lan

Audit Manager

Ms Ngo Lee Lee

Business Development Advisor

Mr Tan Ming Hwee



Ms Elaine Chai

Tax Advisor