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There are many things that you may need to consider when it comes to dissolving a business. Without knowing the correct methods and processes, it may cause you much angst to get your business properly wound up and closed down. Our expert team will provide you not only with sound advice, but also the step-by-step guidelines and procedures to close down your company. It is not just the challenge of getting it done within a short timeframe, but also the unknown risks and consequences that may come back to haunt you and harm your future business involvement and personal assets.

“I was impressed and satisfied with their effectiveness! TJW helped me to wind-up my company within 6 months! TJW's service was totally incomparable with the company I have engaged before!”
— Mr. Than Yin Keng – Director
Sungai Ringgit Country Resort Sdn. Bhd. - 199001003075 (194642-P)
Nature of Business – Hotels and resort hotels, Travel agency activities
“I am deeply impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. They saved me both money and time in helping me to close one of my companies!”
— Mr Lee Buoy Ooi – Director
Lee Choon Seng & Sons Sdn Bhd - 200401024668 (663175-D)
Nature of Business - Construction

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